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    Unanswered: Tool that alerts for each entry

    Hello everyone,
    I recently joined a company and would like some help. I have just entered in the DB field and have been asked to learn an entire db and know when I click on something in a php page as to which table the data is entered into or taken from.
    I'd like to know if there is a tool that will tell me whenever there is a DB transaction from a php page into my mySQL database. If anyone does know about any such tool, please help me out.

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    yes there is such a tool
    ....its called the Mark 1 eyeball
    Visual inspection - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    learn PHP, got through the code and understand what it does

    if you are lucky the PHP may be using stored procedures, but its quite probable it doesn't
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    Thanks healdem.But that doesnt really solve my problem. Please let me know of any other tools (that I can downlaod) you might know.
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    I think what you are looking for here is a tool to view the transactions being played in the database under certain conditions. MySQL provides the General Query Log for determining the SQL statements that have been played against the database. Check out MySQL :: MySQL 5.1 Reference Manual :: 5.2.3 The General Query Log
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