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    Unanswered: Can I set up Access to email response reminders based on a specific date entered?


    This is my first time posting here so I hope I have read/understood the forum rules sufficiently well. Anyhow, on to the problem.

    I am using MS Access 2003 (11.8321.8329) SP3. I am an internal auditor (I know that may limit the number of responses I get right off the bat =) ) and throughout our audits we note and track various findings that have specific completion dates associated with them. Currently we track all findings manually using Excel and email reminders and followups as needed. The problem is that as our list of findings grows, the time required to track and solicit responses is quickly growing to unmanageable levels. What I would like to do is move all of our finding information into an Access database and have Access send out followup emails to process owners when their findings are close to their completion dates. Is this something that Access is capable of handling? And if so, how exactly can I accomplish this?

    From what I have read in other threads here, Access is not a system service so it will have to be run daily/weekly/etc. for this type of process to run which I am fine with. But I have not been able to determine from other threads on similar topics whether or not Access can do exactly what I need it to do.

    One other piece of information that may be useful to anyone foolish enough to attempt answering my question =) is that we currently use IMB Lotus Notes 8.5. Not sure if this if there may be some kind of compatibility issue between Access/Lotus that may prevent what I am wanting from happening or not.

    Thanks in advance,

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    depends on your email client

    but Access is perfectly capable of this sort of thing, however depending on your development skills it may be too steep a learning curve and or take too long to implement.

    its relatively easy to send emails from Access, theres a good few answers on this forum on how to do that. if you use Outlook as your email client, you cna even get Accessw to read the emails returned to you and take appropriate action

    its not quite, but if you think of sending the email as sort of similar to printing a document you wont be far wrong.. but its isn't a printer......

    you can make access run as a background batch programme using the windows task scheduler (so it can run say overnight every Monday... assuming your IT trolls are happy with that, if they run |Microsoft servers it can run on the server as part of any exisitng work. if not then you wil need to leave a PC on to handle that scheduled event. if you want to run the batch say at 10:00 on Monday morning then make sure you PC is turned on around that time.
    so yes its possible
    is it worth it, I don't know
    can you achieve what you want in the timescales and budget you have I dunno.
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    Well, my development skills are quire limited currently. So I take it this is not a project you would suggest an Access novice undertake?

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    I use Total Access Emailer (Microsoft Access Email sent from your Access Databases with Merged Data and Reports in PDF and HTML) from FMS to send custom emails to people in my list. It lets me attach reports that are filtered to each person.

    Total Access Emailer is an add-in so you don't need to program anything to run it. It saves the email blast settings so you can run it over and over again.

    To automate it on a schedule, you'd have to use the VBA function it provides. You basically tell it which email blast to run. You can then have a macro run that function, and if you do that, an external program or Windows scheduler could be used to run it.

    FMS also offers a scheduling program called Total Visual Agent that can run macros on a schedule. I use it to schedule database compacts and backups:
    Microsoft Access Scheduler to Launch Macros and Compact and Repair Databases Automatically: Total Visual Agent

    There are free demos. Hope this helps.

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    FWIW, it's possible to get Access to send E-mails through Notes - one of my colleagues has done this. You'll need a reference to Notes in your code, and then there's a whole host of Lotus Script objects that you can use in VBA.

    It's not something that I'd recommend a novice attempt, though.

    (Notes 8.5? *Is envious* I'm still developing on 6.0.3!)
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    Excellent, thank you for your replies! After reading your responses I am not sure if I am up for this task or not. I may research some other methods of sending out these emails.

    Thanks again,

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    This might help easy the pain:

    Lotus Notes Send EMail from VB or VBA
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