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    Unanswered: Form Options Group tied to date range

    I have a table that has five columns of dates. (along with many other columns of info)
    and a box where the user inputs the initials of the engineer who did 1-4 below so I need to find GNT "or what ever the initials are" who was assigned the dates from date range to date range or reviewed or approved or scheduled date of copleation.

    Engineer: Input intials to search for here

    Options Group
    1. Assigned Date
    2. Reviewer Date
    3. Approver Date
    4. Scheduled Date
    5. All Dates

    I would like to create a option for the user to select one of these five fields then search it by using a date range with the initials of the engineer as a filter.

    Or can I have them select 2 or 3,4 of the above options with date ranges for any or all? I would also then like the results to populate a report in print preview.

    I am learning slowly but please be kind in your answer. And thank you for any help you might give
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