Few days ago I had added third party code on my website. This applications takes images from Picasa web. After few days Google Cache my page adding with Picasa site code link at the same time rank started dropping I loose almost 100 positions from old one for the keyword Java Website developer and Custom software development company.

Google has almost washout all My all hard work that I had done in past.

This type of dropping is happened second time in my life. First time Ranking was drop on adding Live chat application on our site. This application also work same as taking third party code from other sites.

I love my team members and don't want to remove My team from the site, It helps me lot in convincing peoples who visits.

In the recent time google also updated content farm algorithm. I am also confused it may be effect of that or not?

If anyone have solutions for adding third party code on a site then please let me know as soon as possible.