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    Question Unanswered: Filter By Date In Different Fields


    I have the following fields:

    Name (text)

    Date of Payment 1 (date)
    Paid 1? (yes/no)

    Date of Payment 2 (date)
    Paid 2? (yes/no)

    Date of Payment 3 (date)
    Paid 3? (yes/no)

    Date of Payment 4 (date)
    Paid 4? (yes/no)

    I want to create a query that will show me the names with "Date of Payment" of a week ago and that is not paid yet (so, not marked on the yes/no field).
    So I open the query and I will see where date of payment is today until 7 days ago.
    If the field Paid is marked, do not show.

    The problem is that when I create this criteria for Date of Payment 1 and Paid 1, the program ignores Date of Payment 2. If Paid 1 is marked it doesn't show anything. But if Paid 1 is marked, the program should use the criteria for Date of Payment 2 and Paid 2, until everything is paid. So it's an OR criteria not AND.

    How do I do this?

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    I'm confused here. Posting the query as you have it now would help to understand the problem.
    Have a nice day!

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    I just want a table to control who paid on time and who didn't.

    So I have registered the date of payment (the date when the person needs to pay) and I will check if the payment occur, if Yes I check the box, If no I uncheck the box.

    Next month, same thing, for the same person, since it's more than 1 payment.
    If all the boxes of this person is checked, this person shouldn't appear in the query, because he already paid everything.

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    I will normalize the data.

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