I having issues!!! I am trying to output a file which works succesfully with its own unique name. But i want to create a hyperlink for this document and display it on the customers correspondance form in access. I have been looking around and cant really find anything that is relevent. I have tried many options but with no success. Can someone please help.

Here is a sample of code of the output. I know i need to create a table for the hyperlinks but just dont how to actully create a hyperlink and save it in a table.

Dim dbberrow As DAO.Database
Dim tblinv As DAO.Recordset
Set dbberrow = CurrentDb
Set tblinv = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset("tblinv")
tblinv![invoicenumber] = DMax("InvoiceNumber", "tblinv") + 1
Me.invoicenumber = DMax("InvoiceNumber", "tblinv") + 1
DoCmd****nCommand acCmdSaveRecord
Dim mnth As String
Dim dy As String
Dim yr As String
Dim Company As String
Dim file_nme As String
Dim invnum As String
Dim date1 As String

mnth = Month(Now())
dy = Day(Now())
yr = Year(Now())
Company = "Contract" & "" & Me.custLastName & " " & (Form_frmcustomers.Lastnamep)
invnum = Me.invoicenumber

file_nme = Company + "-" + yr + "" + mnth + "" + dy + "-" + invnum + ".rtf"

DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport, "rptcontract", acFormatRTF, [file_nme], False, "", 0, acExportQualityPrint