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    Unanswered: Please, I need help maybe xl or vb can solve this

    Is there a way to have excel automatically refresh data from the web but have that data placed in an empty cell each time so it doesn't remove or delete previous data?

    I want to create a historical database pulling information from a web site.
    Currently the website updates itself every 30 seconds and contains the following elements in a table:
    *5-digit Int A
    *5-digit Int B

    Int A and B are constantly incrementing throughout the day.
    I can easily import this data from the web and choose to refresh it based on minutes. Problem is each time it refreshes it does so over the same cell so I can't see historical data: I would like it to refresh on the adjacent cell that way if I have it refresh daily I'll be able to see the number of Int A and B were produced or counted daily.
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