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    Question relationships Question

    Hello dbforum friends..
    i d like to pick your brains about something..
    Suppose i want to create a database for storing, lets say computer stuff, parts, hardware, peripherals etc....

    Which way would be better?

    Create a Basictable with all the common fields (like ProductName, Price,Guarantee....)
    and then create multiple other tables with each categorie's specific fields and binding those tables with the Basictable with one-to-one relationships..

    Create just one table with all possible fields and keep Null values in the fields that are not needed for specific categories..

    or maybe a third way.. ?

    Thanx in advance..

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    both of the methods you describe are suitable

    which one is "better" will depend on several things

    - how many shared columns are there in the supertype table
    - how many unique columns are there in the subtype tables
    - how frequently only the supertype table is queried
    - how frequently only specific subtypes are queried | @rudydotca
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    yeah.. or i guess i could combine both ways.. Like keeping the supertype table for the common fields and joinning together some of the subtype tables that have most of their fields in common

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