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    Red face Unanswered: Creating an access db from an excel file


    I want to create an access db from an excel file using C# language.My excel file contains second column as the date and I want that the access db should be created based on the second column........i,e..if second column is updated in excel file then the access db should also get updated.

    Plz help me and provide me with sample code..........
    plz reply soon.


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    Err,... two questions,...

    1. Why are you wanting to do what you are doing?? Why not just have an Access DB that the spreadsheet links to for data?? This would mean you are only looking at a single source of truth.

    2. What has this to do with ASP?? What you probably want is come VBA code in your Excel spreadsheet to monitor the column for changes and do your database update (or something similar)

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