My requirements are fairly simple. I've been tasked with automating (or at least reducing manual input) a contact list creation system. - Currently Office Admin staff update an excel document by hand, very tedious not 100% accurate.
I've found software that will allow users to update their own contact details in AD, without compromising security/stability etc. assuming this is updated all users will have up-to-date details in Active Directory, and subsequently in the Outlook Global Address List, through MS Exchange 2003.
This means that information is available but not printable to admin teams (e.g., our head office team would like to search ALL employees (outlook, nailed!) but also have a print out of all Site specific staff for this site ordered and presented for quick reference when directing calls.)

so I've used SQL but not used Access much and am very new to this but a little research of my needs has led me to a handy tool in outlook 2007 (probably previous also):
External Data tab -> More -> outlook folder -> import the source... -> choose address book -> remove/customise fields as required -> import to table -> save import settings.
With the above presaved import settings non technical admin staff can run what is now in essence a report, filter and sort the data very quickly and powerfully, and press print. Job done in 5 minutes with up-to-date details.
the only problem with this is that while the system seems very powerful it doesn't pick up all information that is available in outlook address books, principally two fields are missing:
1. initials (Im not sure why but these are important to be printed by the admin team)
2. Internal extension number (importance is self explanatory, in outlook this is available under a user's details -> phone/notes -> Business 2
I've looked and looked for further options and advise online but have hit a brick wall. Is there any way to add these two fields to an otherwise perfect query? So that a printout can be maintained easily and as automatically as possible?

basically I'm required to produce an easily populated list of staff with the following columns:
Full Name
Extension (businessPhone2 in outlook) (LDAP "otherTelephone")
Phone Number

these columns will then be filtered and sorted to show the details relevant to the users looking at it but with the above the rest is fairly simple.
Help would be gratefully received.