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    Question Unanswered: Replication Agent version does not match the default LTI version

    Hello everyone,
    I can't find common thread on the formum.
    I've got one more problem in my enviroment.
    I'm using RS v 12.

    In few connections I'm getting information from replication server:

    I. 2011/03/23 09:34:54. Replication Agent version (600) for 'dbsrv.dbstat' does not match the default LTI version for this Replication Server 400 using version 400.
    I. 2011/03/23 09:34:54. Replication Agent for dbsrv.dbstat connected in passthru mode.

    DB server log:

    00:00000:00055:2011/03/23 14:28:48.35 server Started Rep Agent on database, 'dbstat' (dbid = 4).
    00:00000:00055:2011/03/23 14:28:48.49 server RepAgent(4): Connecting to a Replication Server that supports a lower LTL version. Features that are not supported by the lower LTL version may cause the RepAgent to shutdown. Set the 'skip unsupported features' configuration option to prevent shutdown.
    00:00000:00055:2011/03/23 14:28:48.49 server RepAgent(4): The Replication Server LTL version should be at least 600 for full support of features. (Replication server LTL version 400, Rep Agent LTL version 600).

    I have already sp_config_rep_agent dbstat,'skip unsupported features','true'
    but nothing changed. I'm still getting above informations in logs.

    How can I fix it and carry out with that problem?

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    Its telling you the ASE version you have doesnt match the RepServer version and its lowering down the handling. This is informational and replication still will work.

    'skip unsupported' I think only guarantees you that the rep agent wont crash when someone uses an unsupported feature. Not to disable the message which you get in the errorlog.

    But as long as you dont use any unsupported features, replication will work and this message in that case is a warning.

    For the long term, you need to match ASE and REP Server to the correct pair. For eg., ASE 12.5 with RS 12.5.

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    Thank you for help once again

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