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    Hi everybody there!

    first of all let me introduce myself. Im Aijaz, new to this forum.

    Friends i have a problem.

    I have a form (6i) where there r text items like T1,T2,T3,T4,T5,T6 in Master block and there r A,B,C,D,E,F text items in detail block.

    on T4, there is WVI trigger:
    ---------Trigger code
    set_item_property('DETAIL_BLOCK.B',enabled,PROPERT Y_FALSE);
    set_item_property('DETAIL_BLOCK.C',enabled,PROPERT Y_FALSE);
    set_item_property('DETAIL_BLOCK.D',enabled,PROPERT Y_FALSE);
    END IF;
    now, my problem is, when i enter XYZ or PQR or ABC in T4, its deactivating B,C and D items on detail block and the cursor is directly moved to item E which is fine.
    When I tried to add another record (using 'ADD' push-button on my form) by entering a different data (say 'ASD') in T4, the cursor is again jumping to item E from item A on detail block instead of item B, when i press 'Enter Key'( in item A). During this process, all these items (B,C,D) are activated but i have to go back and enter values in it.

    Plz solve this for me, for which act of your goodselves, i will b ever-grateful to u all.

    Thanks in advance.


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    You have to add ELSE into the IF statement, which will set ENABLED properties to TRUE.

    Note that
    Quote Originally Posted by Forms documentation
    At runtime, when the Enabled property is set to PROPERTY_FALSE, the Keyboard_Navigable property is also set to PROPERTY_FALSE.
    It means that you might need to set KEYBOARD_NAVIGABLE property to TRUE as well (if you want to restore previous navigation mechanism).

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    I am not successfull so far in my problem.

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    Show us what you have tried. We don't do homework.
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