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    Booking and Billing Relational Database ERD

    Hi, so I figured no one could be bothered trying to understand my last attempt at explaining the problem that I'm having. Soooo, I drew it out in an ERD to try and explain it better. I applogise for the roughness of the ERD, it's the first one that I've ever drawn, and I had to do it in paint. Any advice that can be offered as to the workability of what I've designed, or how I could improve the design will be greatly appeciated. Also, is it possible/sensible for me to join tables on the forigen keys like I have?

    The key is as follows:

    # - Primary Key
    * - Mandatory
    + - Optional

    I've just realised that there should probably be one for forigen keys too, so if me marking them down is essential to you being able to help me, please let me know.



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    I've just realized...

    That it's a bit stupid of me to be trying to store data as many times as I am. I've figured out a way to link the tables without any repeating data, except from the 'Courses ID' feild, which has to go on the 'Courses' table, 'Resources' table, and the 'Booking' table. Is this still wrong? I'll update the ERD within a few hours reflecting the changes.

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