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    Unanswered: Summing by category


    I have a select query which displays the items ordered for a customer. I use this as the Record Source for the subform.

    Some of the items in the order table have the same category. for example 'Dolls" or 'Clothes'

    I would like to display in the subform, subtotals for Dolls, Clothes etc.

    So, grouping the price for all the Dolls
    and another field which groups all the Clothes.

    The challenging thing is the category description is dynamic. it could be Dolls, one week, then Dollies the next. So what I am saying is I can't use a fix criteria for the category field as it changes every so often.

    P.S Dolls and Clothes are merely examples not actually categories

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    This query will give you the number of rows with the same item for each category:
    SELECT Category, Count(Quantity) AS ItemCount
    FROM OrdersTable
    GROUP BY Category
    ORDER BY Category;
    While this one will return the total of items for each category
    SELECT Category, Sum(Quantity) AS ItemTotal
    FROM OrdersTable
    GROUP BY Category
    ORDER BY Category;
    In both examples [Category] is the name of the column (field) identifying the category of an item while [Quantity] contains the number of items for one row (record). The ORDER BY parts are optional.
    Have a nice day!

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