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    Unanswered: exporting data from access 2003 to access 97

    i have a client with a microsoft access problem, and in order to diagnose it, i need to see the queries as well as the contents of the tables

    the client has 2003, and i have 97

    can anyone please quickly confirm the procedure by which the client can create a backwards-compatible version of the .mdb file that i can open?

    i seem to recall there is some kind of "save as" menu option, but i don't recall what it is

    i've also had problems receiving file attachments from the client -- my windows system, actually outlook express to be precise, thinks that a file with the .mdb file extension is a dangerous file (and rather than giving me the option of opening it, it unilaterally decides to strip the file attachment), and the same thing happens if the .mdb is in a compressed format

    however, i think i can get around this issue by having the client rename the .mdb file to .xyz or something...

    the main thing i'm looking for is to ensure that he can create a database compatible with my access 97 | @rudydotca
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    Open the db in 2003. Go to Tools - Database Utilities - Convert Database - To Access 97 File Format

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