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    Question Unanswered: how to connecting to access without asp or php?

    Is there a way to connect to access without or with limited use of serverside script? I am trying to change an asp website. my db connection is in a ssi with an asp extension but there should be another way to make this connection. Or at least use it. I am studying xml, which I understand can eventaully replace the db. maybe I can even use xml for just the db? I think the db asp file could be rewrote to run like a normal asp file If a js file could be used to run it. The db connection would to persist in memory for the whole session? Please someone help me, I know nothing about databases.

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    For a start you can declare the connection to the database in the global.asa file if you are using asp or global.asax in .Net. I have tried xml but is really traslating a database into a text file and you have to ask yourself - why. XML is fine as a standard but it gets really tricky using the xsl style files.


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