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    Unanswered: how to see mysql log file..

    Good Afternoon All,
    I read out that Mysql server create a log file where he keep record of all activities- like when and what query execute. I want to see it, Can anybody tell me where it exist in my system? how can i read it?
    basically i need to make backup of database with different input [ backup between two dates] so i think i need to use log file here, that's why i want to go for it...
    when i wondered i got that binary log file keep username and password information too[ if any query require of this] so it is very secure, not easy seen it!!
    i am a admin of my system , how i can see it? when i try to open var/log/mysql.log it is empty....

    when i wondered a lot i got that there are a my.cnf file, and i should need to set a path of log , i create a file a.log on the desktop ,i open the my.cnf and change the path [ visible next time] and then when i execute the query a.log still emply.
    one thing is more logically the path of log is var/log/mysql/mysql.log but when i m trying to open mysql folder, it flashed a messege not accessible by me. how can i open it? how i can see the log file.
    Thanking you in advance....
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