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    Unanswered: Selectively printing mailing labels

    OK, I've worked out the very simple process of printing mailing labels of the entire data table. But what if I want to do a selective print of only some of the database.

    I have a members ledger for a club. One of the fields is 'Member Type'. The records in this field are one of the following types: O, L, D or X. Is there a way I can print labels for only one or two of these types - say O and L?

    Or is there some other way I can select or deselect records to print? I suspect is is easy - if you know how.


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    its all part of the query that feeds the label report

    set the parameters for that rowsource using a form which validates the input,

    then you need to use thos parameters int he reprot, possibly the most straightforward if to use a filter when you call the report using say a button on that form that calls the following code.. note you will have to change the myreportname, membertype and my parameter to appropriate values

    DoCmd.OpenReport "myreportname", acViewPreview, , "myMemberType = '" & myParameter & "'"

    the other way is to reset the reports rowsource at runtime
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