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    Unanswered: RAC Install Steps


    What I wanted to know was the steps to place a RAC cluster onto a brand new Linux server. I think I know all the steps, however if someone of expertise can clarify that would be appreciative, without telling me to RTM (again). Do I have the steps in the correct order or mis-stepped?

    Please refrain from telling me to RTM as it does not help and I have have already done so!! I am just asking a simple question.

    Step 1 - Install Cluster Software , CRS & Voting Disks
    Step 2 - VIPCA - VIP Config (VIP, GSD, ONS) Resouce Apps
    Step 3 - Create ASM Instance
    Step 4 - Install Grid Infrastructure
    Step 5 - Install RAC
    Step 6 - Create Cluster DB - using DBCA with Enterprise Manager

    This will be a 2 node RAC cluster going onto a Redhat 5 Linux box

    Many thanks for your time in assisting
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    when all else fails Read The Fine Manual
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    Does anyone have a better answer than to read the manual? It's obvious I have already
    done so, and broke the installation down to six simple steps. I was just seeking clarfication,
    having not performed this installation before.

    Any suitable help would be appreciated

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