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    Unanswered: Schedule SQL query

    Dear Team

    I have simple select statement which I need to schedule it to run automatically at aparticular time every day. and the output of that query should come to an excel file.

    I am using MSSQL Server 2000.

    Please help.

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    Quickest (and dirtiest) is to create a DTS package to put the results of the query in an excel spreadsheet, then schedule the package in SQL Agent.

    Problems will be
    1) You have to rewrite this as an SSIS package when you get to SQL 2005 (or 2008)
    2) By default, right clicking on a package, and scheduling it causes an encrypted string to be fed to the DTSRUN utility, complicating troubleshooting efforts. Mainly because the encrypted string also includes the version number of the package, so no changes to the package get picked up by the schedule.

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