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    Unanswered: SQL30081N A communication error with error code 10061

    Dear all ,
    I am getting the following error while connecting from any one of my client,s CONTROL CENTER (if I am cataloging from command prompt there is no error) to db2 server

    SQL30081N A communication error has been detected. Communication protocol being used: "TCP/IP". Communication API
    being used: "SOCKETS". Location where the error was detected: "". Communication function detecting the
    error: "connect". Protocol specific error code(s): "10061", "*", "*". SQLSTATE=08001

    initially they are working fine, but since 3 to 4 days i am getting this problem

    my client details : windows, db2 v9.1(for all clients)
    server details : linux db2 8.2
    I already set db2comm= TCPIP
    i found somewhere the port must be UNUSED, what is the meaning of that?
    In service file also I found port details currectly
    telnet also working fine
    1Q)I restarted the db2 server , the instance is started but with an error SQL1063, to over come this is whether I have to run db2licm –a (whether I have to provide licence from outside disk, can I find with in the server??? But same error showing since 2 to 3 years but there is no issue till now)
    2Q)I think I have to work on DAS(database administrator server)
    How can I check whether db2admin is on or not??
    Pls let me know how AUTHENTICATION (dbm cfg parameter) will play key roll???
    How I have to set this for AUTHENTICATION for db2 admin, db2 server and client???

    The AUTHENTICATION for db2 server is SYSTEM
    The AUTHENTICATION for db2 client is SYSTEM

    In db2 server svcename (dbm cfg parameter) is set to port number instead of name. I think it wont be problem.

    Other then above points I am missing any important thing.

    Pls help me out…………………..

    The following error I am getting while using control centre
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