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    Unanswered: How can I schedule people onto an event.

    Hi All,
    First time here and am in a bit deep on a db I am trying to get to work.
    I am building a db that will store details on trainees who have a need for certain courses. Each course will have a number of events that are available for each course. Each trainee has been asked to complete a spreadsheet in excel which will be completed listing their course needs. They could have more than one need and so I need to store more than one record of courses for each trainee (not sure where that is will be stored).The spreadsheet has been tested for import into access so that's not an issue. Using test data I have populated a table with trainee's details and from the dummy data spreadsheets I have got a datasheet that now lists the trainees, what courses they need to attend and form that I have a subdatasheet showing what events are available (with times etc) for that person's needs. So far so good.
    What I need to do however is for the user of the db to be able to select a specific event and to schedule the trainee onto that event.
    I have a number of issues with how to do that. Firstly if I make that datasheet into a form it shows the trainees but in the subform of events that is generated no details are in the event records. i can navigate through the trainees but nothing appears in the subform. I currently have the master and child field as EventID which I would have thought was right. I have tried changing that field to CourseID but that just shows courseID=eventID which is obviously wrong. Basically as a start I want the subform to show the information that is on the datasheet and subdatasheet (not sure if that's the right term-I mean the information that comes from the + sign - the relationship).
    What I ultimately want to do is for the user to find the trainee, find the evnts they need and then select one of those events and then for that to schedule the trainee on that event. That will probably be another question later as to how to do that.
    Maybe the whole way i am going about it is wrong but I need some advice from someone please.
    Thanks in advance


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    Without having any information about how you organized the data in your system, it's almost impossible to help you. Please provide information on the database structure, on what forms are in use and how they are organized. See:
    Have a nice day!

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    More details

    Thanks for replying Sinddho
    I have been altering the db a bit and now have a form with the courses as a main form and a subform showing the events and the ids of the trainees that need those courses (see screenshot
    I also have a form with the courses and a subform of the relevant events associated with each course (see screenshot What I need to do now is somehow select the event from the subform of the courses and connect that with the trainee. I was thinking is there a way of converting the data on the subform into a combobox with just the relevant data that the subform shows and then I can select the event and update the trainee's history.

    I have a trainee table PKTraineeID with names addresses etc.: tbltrainees
    A table of Events PKEventID with times location etc: tblEvents
    A table of Courses PKCoursesID with CourseName etc: tblCourses
    A Joining table with PKEventTraineeID , FKTraineeID and FKEventID: tblEventTrainee
    Another joining table with PKChoicesID,FKTraineeID,FKCourseID (but I'm not sure how this table should be linked or what fields it should have as it seems some are repeated in the other joining table):tblChoices

    I hope that explains a bit more and I can supple more info if needed but it has a lot of other tables that are irrelevant to this part of the db.

    Thanks Andy
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