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Thread: What database?

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    What database?

    Hello all

    New to DBforums looking for some advice.

    I need to build a database that has the following components:

    1) Ability to input orders from sources other then automated
    website orders.

    2) Ability to access the database remotely

    3) Potential to send automated emails upon checking a box, or to a select group of people (for a newsletter).

    4) Allowance to invoice

    5) The main feature is to have all customer infomation in one place.

    6) Potential intergration with Joulma.

    Basically I want a blank canvas that I can develop without any coding knowledge. Something like the equlivent of Bento on the Mac, but it needs to be cross compatiable.

    I do not mind paying for the right software but not too much.

    Please let me know anything to help, that would be great.

    Many Thanks

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    1) A database stores data. It does not care where that data comes from.
    2) A database returns data. It does not care where that data goes.
    3) A database manages data. It does not manage emails and user interaction.
    4) A database outputs data. It does not care whether that data is used for an invoice or for a report.
    5) A database holds tables. It does not care whether or not the tables completely define a customer.
    6) A database is a database. Joumla, and any other applications, are responsible for integrating with it.
    If it's not practically useful, then it's practically useless.

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    Maybe you should look here: Project Details for Apache OFBiz

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    PostgreSQL & MySQL should work fine. I would just make sure Joumla supports either of them.

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