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    Unanswered: comma separator

    I enter currency or number data into a cell with comma separator, like this 5,250 or 5,250. The separator shows up correctly in the access table.

    When I pull this out from a .asp recordset the comma is not there, just get 5250

    When I test the SQL statement in dreamweaver the comma is also not shown.

    How do I get the comma separator to display ?

    It works ok if I enter as text or memo, but I want to sort on price ascending which means entering as a number or currency.

    Thanks in advance
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    You would need to reformat it to get your comma's and, if desired, you currency signs back.

    Actually, if you are using Access you could probably use a formatting mask (I think they exist but I haven't used access for about 12 years). This might work for you, but personally I would format it on the client.

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    I reformatted using

    Response.Write(FormatCurrency((Rs.Fields.Item("xxx x").Value),0))

    works fine
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