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    Need help in finding the candidate key.


    I need to find 2 possible candidate keys of this un-normalised relation and find a possible primary key.

    The company has a number of branches and agents employed.Each agent is paid a salary and commission. The salary and the rate of commission
    depend on the agent's type (Fresh, Experienced, Senior).Each customer is allotted to an agent who helps the customer. A customer may have
    many deposits.

    InvestmentFirm ( CustomerId, CustomerName DepositNo, Amount, DepositAmount, Interest-Rate, Period –of-Deposit, Maturity-Value, AgentId, AgentName, Years-ofservice, Salary, Category, Rate-of-commission, BranchNo, BranchAddress, BranchPhone)

    Could you help me to find out the answer.

    Thanks and regards.

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    Rather than posting all your homework on the forum wouldn't it be better to just find an easier course that you're more suited to?

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