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    Unanswered: Module Management Help

    I am developing new application in php and mysql.
    I want to build advanced module management system.
    User who login must have rights to only his module,
    Modules must be handle in dynamic for future entry in modules.
    Any ideas for easily tracking this in mysql ?

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    In its most simplest form, create a modules table (moduleid, modulename), a users table (userid, username) and a user_modules table (moduleid, userid). When someone logs in check that there is a record in the user_modules table corresponding to the module and the user. If one exists then they have access otherwise they do not.
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    effectively what you seem to want is something similar to a group permissions mode

    so offhand I'd go with

    users: - a user is a member of a usergroup
    usergroupmodules:- details what usergroups are allowed to use which modules
    optionally you could extend the model to take account of different roles within a usergroup permission

    in your PHP scripts test to see if this user has the appropriate permission granted through their usergroup. you'd need to see if there is a permission for that usergroup.
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