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    Unanswered: Monitoring memory in db2 V9.1

    Environment: DB2 on Linux
    DB2 version V9.1 FP9
    Database partitioning. 17 nodes spanned across 3 physical hosts.
    One Admin node on one physical server
    8 data nodes on one physical server
    another 8 data nodes on another physical server

    We are recently encountering FCM memory issues. In that context, we are trying to prepare a shell script to monitor among different db2 processes, get a count, summary of the memory per connection, etc, so it can be used as monitoring cum alerting tool.

    If anyone has such script or if anyone could suggest as to how to write that script, it would be really helpful.

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    Have you looked at db2mtrk command?
    Also, have a look at the output of db2pd command. There are a number of memory display options. memblocks, memsets etc.

    ps aux command gives details of memory usage by process.


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