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    Database Dashboards

    I'm new to databases and while I've learned a lot from using Google and reading on my own, I find managing the database a bit frustrating at times. I don't have problems with inserting large amounts of data as I can use just the 'COPY' command for this but I wanted to find a front end tool / application that will let me enter software licenses, contact info, warranty status / dates, & other various flat data into my PostgreSQL database server.

    I've looked around and see that something like this can be accomplished with PHP scripting or even Microsoft Access / OO Base but I can never get the 3rd party driver to work for connecting to PostgreSQL and we don't use Microsoft at all. I would like to think there's a tool that data reporting, analysis, & inserting data into my database. I just am looking for specific suggestions. I've Google d and found products like Pentaho but I honestly don't know if that will do what I need or if it's way over kill. I can't get a sales person on the line which is concerning as well.

    Does anyone know if something like this exist or do I just continue making text files and copying them into my PostgreSQL database?

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    it sounds to me like whoever is telling you you cannot use Microsoft products, and has led you to use Postgres should hekp you install the driver. when dogma intereferes with gettingthe job done, then the zealots pushing the agenda should be able to provide a solution, otherwise, in my books they are just prejudiced, bigoted, ill informed tossers
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