I am using Crystal XI
I want to be able to create a report that will take the location of a product's jpg file from our system.
The application software stores the location such as
"Q:\Product Master\Cads\0232_15_6_72_Houndstooth_Pink\0232_15_ 6_72_Houndstooth-Pink.jpg"
and then would have Crystal go to that location and display the picture rather than repeating the text of where the graphic is located (as above)

So regardless of various parameters want the picture associated with each product to appear (rather than the location that is stored in the software).

I have attempted to use Dynamic Graphic Location and was able to display a simple web location jpg pic to the report by doing the following:
1st linking to any graphic and then right click on graphic, select 'Format Graphic', select 'Picture' tab, then clicked on the formula for Graphic Location and for the formula put in
with the quotes intact. This displayed the web pic on the report.

All that is good and fine but I have yet to read how to go to a location on the server as I am wanting above. Of course this may not even be possible, but would be nice if it was.

Thanks for the help