I have a combo box CC_List_Answers that updates field [CPE_id] that feeds from a list. The combo box is filtered by a question id [Q_id]. In order to update the list when moving to the next question I requery the combo box.

The problem is that after the requery the combo box is blank eventhough the information has been save to the table. If I look in the table, the field is being update properly, I just cann't get the value to show in the combo box. Please help.

If it helps this is the SQL for the row source:

SELECT [Def List Answers].List_id, [Def List Answers].Id_Question, [Def List Answers].Answer FROM [Def List Answers] WHERE ((([Def List Answers].Id_Question)=Forms![LRS_Loan Review Dataentry Master]![LR Answers-Conclusions].Form!Id_Question));

The requery event is on "got focus" as:

Private Sub CC_List_Answers_GotFocus()
End Sub