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    Unanswered: Fixed Length Text File

    I am doing an output to a text file using


    The file get's created and records are written. Now, the problem is that this needs to be a fixed length text file. I am reading data retrieved from a stored procedure and looping through a data table to populate the text file like:

    For Each Row In myDataTable.Rows
    myText = myDataTable.Rows(i).Item(0).ToString() & _
    myDataTable.Rows(i).Item(1).ToString() & _

    Any suggestion to get a fixed length regardless what is filled from my data table?

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    Look into the Space function. Basically you want to add however many spaces to the end of your string that you need.

    This Pad function should be useful
    function Pad(myString, desiredLength)
        Pad = myString + Space(desiredLength - Len(myString)
    end function
    The function is untested but it should be pretty close and give you enough to work on.

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