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Thread: .sql to MDF

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    Question Unanswered: .sql to MDF

    I have a problem. we created a database in the program Navicat Lite for our schoolproject. Eveything is saved in a .sql file.
    Is there any way to convert this to a MDF/LDF file?
    We really need this!

    thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by frederic202 View Post
    Eveything is saved in a .sql file.
    you will ahve to edit the CREATE TABLE and INSERT statements so that they are compatible with SQL Server syntax

    to give you one example, MySQL has auto_increments, SQL Server has identity columns

    then just execute the edited sql file into your new database | @rudydotca
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    we were able to put the file in SQL server 2008.
    But where can we find the .MDF file?

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