I'm creating a form that lists all projects with about 15 filters of various types at the top. They filter by project type, method used, and other items.

I track all workers on a project with a Junction table called JuncProjectsPeople. It has a PeopleFK and a ProjectsFK.

I would like to be able to filter projects that a certain person worked on. However, it displays multiple instances of the same project for each person that worked on it. It looks conceptually like the following:

Project1 People1 OtherDetails
Project1 People2 OtherDetails
Project2 People1 OtherDetails
Project2 People3 OtherDetails

Especially if I have a list box with multiple people selected, it would have multiple instances of the same project.

I would prefer to have all people working on a project to show on the same record line for a single project or a breakout [+], but would be content to just filter by multiple people (or just one at this point) and to show each project once.

Project1 People1 People2 OtherDetails


Project1 OtherDetails

Other details that may or may not be important: filters in Form Header, projects in detail (not a report), filter is created in VBA, previously all projects and details are listed in query with all filtering done in form

I'm open to other methods to get a similar report. Thanks for the help!