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    Unanswered: Query not displaying record using active forms ID number

    Hi all,

    I'm having a few issues with a query not displaying the record shown on an active form.

    I've done this type of query before without any issues but this time round it doesn't seem to want to work.

    SQL reads

    SELECT tblHolidayBooking.HolidayID, tblHolidayBooking.StaffID, tblStaff.FirstName, tblStaff.SecondName, tblHolidayBooking.HolidayType
    FROM tblStaff LEFT JOIN tblHolidayBooking ON tblStaff.StaffID=tblHolidayBooking.StaffID
    WHERE (((tblHolidayBooking.HolidayID)=[Forms]![fHolidayBookingForm]![HolidayID]));

    I've made sure the current record has been saved but still no joy? Any ideas appreciated?


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    First off, using a field from the table on the right of a LEFT JOIN statement in the WHERE clause renders the left join pointless.

    What does the query return?
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    The query returns a blank record and HolidayID field contains (AutoNumber)

    the query works if the required form isn't open and I manually enter the the HolidayID

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    Rebuilt from scratch and seems to be working now, I think I may have created a relationship between two tables that wasn't required quite early on in the original design but I could be wrong.

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