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    need some basic advice

    hey everyone

    im trying to design a relational db with web forms that can be accessed over a web browser. So far ive only ever designed dbs on microsoft access and am not to sure how to create a html page that can act as a form for a database. Is there any software out there that will let me create the database and design a web form, or would i have to create an sql database in one program and html forms in a webeditor like dreamweaver?

    also, i want users to be able to log in with their own usernames and passwords (i assume ill need to create a table only visible to admins which stores login info), but say if the url might be something like and the next page might be id need a way to keep the db secure enough so someone wouldnt be able to type in the second url and skip the login page, is this easy enough to do or is it pretty complicated?

    im hoping someone can recommend a program that will let me accomplish everything i need in one place, but im realistic enough to know that it may not exist, so if not can someone just point me in the right direction so i can read up on what i need to do?

    Ive got a pretty good knowledge of relational dbs, vb, sql and html/js/php, etc. so dont be afraid to point me to something complicated


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    if its web based then the first thing to sort out, from a technical perspective is what this site is going to run on, and thats largely dictated by how much you are prepared to pay and who is going to host it. if you are on a budget then PHP / MySQL is usually the preferred choice, but there are other options findign an ISP of your preferewnce usually helps with the deciiosn making.

    any DB can be manipulated using SQL, all you need is a connection to the db and fire away using DDL statements to create your tables, indexs, relationships and so on. All db vendors have design tools, or tools that will work with that db. ferinstance MySQL has 'Workbench'. there are soem third party trools such as Heidi SQL

    as to the security implaications you need to bone up on securing web applications. its not just the possibility of someoine circumventing the logon page,m its also stuff such as avoiding SQL injection attacks and so on.
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