I have a database which I designed using "Brilliant Databse" if anyones heard of it?

I am trying to write a script which selects data from a specified field and asks if you want to move it .
I am struggling with the next part...
If you say "yes" there are four fields for which the selected data can be entered.

Does anyone know a script which could help me for:
if there is no text in "field 1" enter it there.
if there is text in "field 1", enter into "field 2".
if there is text in "field 2", enter into "field 3".
if there is text in "field 3", enter into "field 4"

I have tried script simply like my example, but its not working, and i have tried slight alterations to it also not working.

Please can anyone help me with any examples of a script for this so i can try it.
I have tried to contact "Brilliant Database Support" but dont seem to get any responce and i really need to finish this databse now, ive been working on it for ages.

Please please, any help atal much appreciated.