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    Cool [FOR HIRE] Applications Engineer, PHP / MySQL / AJAX Web App

    Applications Engineer, PHP / MySQL / AJAX Web Applications Developer available for hire, willing to relocate

    I am a professional php programmer and consultant from Ukraine. I have over 10 years of experience in PHP / MySQL / Javascript/ AJAX / [LAMP] freelancing programming.

    My most recent experience is cakephp, mysql stored procedures, Sphinx and jquery but I am flexible to use another frameworks and libraries (or make me write a new one).

    * applications system design on the scratch, database modeling
    * presentations, consultancy, expertise for business clients
    * line management and technology leadership
    * translating business logic requirements into solution architecture
    * small to middle projects management, team management
    * freelancing experience since 2000, recommendations available in English and German, native to Russian and Ukrainian
    * roadmap development, groupware usage
    * insane about terms of project deadlines
    * agile development ready, team player
    * universal coder, “Indian” code fixer, K.I.S.S., DNR
    * PHP 3, 4 and 5, PHP 5 OOP, PEAR
    * XML, SOAP, JSON, XML-RPC, Web 2.0, mashups
    * cakephp, Zend framework, symfony, other / any
    * crossbrowser Javascript OOP, DHTML, AJAX, jquery, dojo, mootols, prototype, other / any
    * MySQL, Sphinx, database design, triggers, stored procedures
    * e-commerce, b2b, b2c, CMS, CRM, social applications, browser-based interfaces, n-tier architecture, SOA, CEA
    * Linux server, Linux for desktop (see my blog url below)
    * cvs, subversion, mercurial, trac, bugzilla, other / any
    * flexible to coding rules, code writing culture
    * writing documentation and creating job descriptions

    CV online:

    CV: Php MySQL Javascript AJAX JQuery Web 2.0 Framework Freelance Developer And Programmer from Ukraine | A Reliable and Experienced Specialist | Alecs Notes

    Downloadable CV:


    Alecs Notes - Select site

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    What are your rates? I am looking for some help with my site.

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