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    Unhappy Unanswered: multiple users of one database

    We have 3 users of a database (Patient) on a LAN. the forms (patientID) take info from:confused tables (diagnoses,procedureType) and enter data from the form to table (visits).
    When one user logs on the database is closed to other users. How do I separate the forms from the tables and relink them so that different users can update info without the other logging off. I am using ACCESS 2007

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    There are several solutions for creating a back-end database (that contains the tables) and a front-end database (that contains the interface to the data (queries, forms, reports, macros, etc.) See for instance (among many others):
    How to manually split a Access database in Microsoft Access
    AMicrosoft Access tips: Split your MDB file into data and application
    Splitting an Access Database, Step by Step
    Splitting a Microsoft Access Database | Database Solutions for Microsoft Access |
    Have a nice day!

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