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    Unanswered: Standalone Application using Access 2007

    Hi, I'm trying to figure how to create a standalone application in Access 2007, which would basically consist of a seris of forms, Add / Delete, Edit buttons and so on, to manipulate tables and create reports etc.

    I can create the forms and buttons etc. in Access but I need to hand the finished work over to end users and obviously I don't want them to be directly opening / editing the database, only running their application which will let them perform certain actions.

    I can't see anywhwere inside Access where I can do that but surely it must be possible to "package" work and create a standalone application from it which can be given out to end users for them to update the db.

    Can anyone tell me how this can be done?


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    Basically you create a back-end that contains the Table objects (data containers) and that can be shared among all users (through a network) and a front-end that contains all other objects needed to build the application (Queries, Forms, Reports, Modules, Macros). Each user has his (or her) own copy of the front-end and this front-end is linked (permanently or not) to the back-end.

    Have a nice day!

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    Hi, I looked at those links, but this application is going to be for a single user and is only going to be installed on a single PC.

    Also one of the links mentions creating 2 databases, one backend and one front end, however I've read that if I create and sign a package to make the application, it can only contain one database??

    So just wondering how I can create it for a single workstation.

    I've made a little progress using some info on Microsoft, but for some reason I'm getting a blank application open when I test-package it and then try and run the file.

    Basically, I created a certificate, did a "package and publish" inside Access, then (as advised by MS) changed the file extensions to .accdr, created a shortcut and edited the shortcut executable so that it had /runtime at the end.

    What actually happened is that it opened up a blank environment, but with the Acrobat tab of the Office 2007 ribbon showing (and nothing else). (I have Acrobat 9 Pro installed)

    Any ideas what may have caused this?


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