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    Unanswered: making a form not save a record

    I have a form with two combo boxes, and a button to print a report based on the selections in the boxes (from a query). The button uses docmd.openreport to do so.

    Is it possible for this button to print the report WITHOUT saving the record in the form? When I was doing it by hand in design (i.e. opening the form, making the selections, then manually opening and printing the report) it was doing so, but the VBA button is making it save the records.

    Basically, I want the option to print the record, THEN manually save the info in the form. Is this possible?


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    In order for Access to use the data to print a report the record has to have been saved.

    I suppose that after printing the report you could have code to pop up a message box, asking the user if they want to save the record, and if they respond No have code in place to delete the current record.

    But I have to say that in five years of contributing to this and half-a-dozen other Access forums, this has to be one of the oddest questions I've ever fielded!

    Linq ;0)>
    Hope this helps!

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    Believe me, I realize it's a bizarre request.

    I'm designing this database for a company library. Normally when people check things out the "librarian" just pulls up a form, puts in the person's name, the book title, and clicks check out button and everyone is happy. But for certain very specific reference books, TPTB have decided they also want people to physically sign check out cards with legalese stating "I agree to return this by X date or the company can take my firstborn etc etc" and someone said, well, what if they read the card and don't agree to the terms?

    That was when I threw my hands up and realized this project was going to drive me insane.

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    Okay, strangely enough, now it is actually doing exactly what I asked originally - when I print the report, it isn't saving the record. So, okay, I'm officially stumped.

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