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Thread: SAN for DBA

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    Unanswered: SAN for DBA

    Do you think it's a good idea for a DB2 DBA to take the following course?
    IBM Course description: Storage Area Network (SAN) Implementation Workshop - IBM Training - Canada

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    In most companies, the DBA's don't administer the SAN or even create mount points on the DB2 server, so the course would not be likely to help much (but there are always exceptions to this in smaller shops).

    It might be useful to understand how a SAN works internally, or to be able to write scripts for DB2 snapshots (using write suspend, etc), but usually most of that is specific to a particular vendor's SAN as to how that is done.

    There probably are some DB2 developers at the lab in Toronto who need to know SAN details for DB2 internals. So it depends on whether you are a DB2 product developer or a customer DBA.
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