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    Post Unanswered: problem with loading file to table

    I am trying to load the file using SQL Loader.I am getting below error.

    Record 94: Rejected - Error on table STG_COMPETITOR_LOAD_TEST, column COMPETITOR_CODE.
    ORA-01722: invalid number

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    Hmmm, the error message suggests you are trying to load a number column with something which isnt a number.


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    If called as specified in the control file
    Usage         : sqlldr -C rdps156h.ctl .....
    , the problem is in the data file stated in "....." part.
    As the error message (with AlanP) points, there is non-numeric value in 4th column (position of column COMPETITOR_CODE) on 94th line of that data file. Unfortunately, columns with NUMBER data type cannot hold non-numeric values, so you should fix it before load or accept that the mentioned row is not loaded at all (if this is the only message in the LOG file).

    By the way, I would use "INTEGER EXTERNAL" data type for numeric columns in the control file instead of "CHAR".

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