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    Unanswered: get data from one databse of other website from current web site web site

    I have details stored in a database of a web site

    I have created another web site

    I want to use data from database of

    Is this possible ...

    Assume : I have all user id and password for both these databases

    If YES, how to do this

    Please help

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    Yes it is possible. MySQL is client/server based. When you connect you are prompted for a host, a username, a password and a port number. The port number by default for MySQL is 3306.

    If you are using PHP for your application you would use the following function

    $dbh = mysql_connect("", "username", "password");
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    log on to first database

    run mysqldump to dump the data to an sql file

    log on to second database

    run sql file

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