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    Question Unanswered: connecting to ORACLE

    I installed ORACLE in my system and I could access it from sqlplus , sqlplus browser, enterprise manager... It works good and able to create table with my user TRGUSER (I granted all permissions to this user).

    While I connect from jbase, the connection is successful and then i tried to create a ORACLE TYPE table FROM jsh as,

    It raises error as,

    CREATE-FILE: *** ERROR *** Check XMLdriver.log for more details.

    ** Error [ JEDI_FILEOP_FAIL ] **
    File operation failed, rc 5, for file TEST2]D

    XMLdriver.log file shows error as,

    R10.91634 - 6424 - (create-file.b,11) - Fri Apr 15 05:13:08 - - D_TEST2 - Error - ORA-01031: insufficient privileges

    R10.91634 - 6424 - (create-file.b,11) - Fri Apr 15 05:13:08 - - D_TEST2 - comCreateTable: *** ERROR *** accCreateTable failed
    R10.91634 - 6424 - (create-file.b,11) - Fri Apr 15 05:13:08 - - D_TEST2 - drvCreateFile: *** ERROR *** Failed to create the Database table

    Could anyone please help me on this?


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    probably best to ask this in the Oracle forum.

    the mkessage suggests its a permissions issue so I'd want to satisfy myself that the user id has sufficient permissions. usually Ive doen that by trying to connect throgh another application (eg HeidiSQL or set up an ODBC connection) and try to pin donw is it the application or the user that has the issue
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    It seems related to application, since I am able to create table , select from sqlplus.

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