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    Unanswered: space allocation problem in user table.

    in ASE CE, the message coming as [1105] can't allocate space for 'BOOKING_JOURNAL', segment is full.

    But I have found that the 'BOOKING_JOURNAL' segment 'seg_bkj' lies in the 'default segment' and there is almost 1.2G space free.

    please help.

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    No, one segment can't lie in another segment.
    But more than one segment can be defined on a device (file)
    Have a look at
    sp_extendsegment segname, dbname, devname

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    thanks for post.

    But I want to inform that Booking-Journal segment and default segment lies in the same device. And there was sufficient amount of space on that device. Then why that message come and all transaction to that table suspended.

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