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    Unanswered: Select from multiple tables

    Hi, I have some troubles with select from multiple tables. There are 3 tables - books (id, name), borrow_log(id_book, id_user), users(id, name). All i want to do is select books that havent been borrowed by specific user (e.g. "John"). I wonder if it could be done w/o subqueries?
    Thanks in advance.

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    look at the various permutations of the join construct
    MySQL :: MySQL 5.0 Reference Manual :: JOIN Syntax
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    I went through it many times, but i cant get it to work. I have this query:

    select * from book as b
    left join borrow_log as bl on = bl.id_book
    left join users as u on u.id_users = cl.id_user
    where u.nick <> "John"

    but i dont know what to do so as it do not return books that John's already borrowed - there are still rows with the same book id but different user
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    Not sure if its gonna work but you can try this.

    FROM users,books.borrow_log

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