Database tool for managing database data and schema

DbSchema provides you with a complete and powerful solution for databases. Our target is to bring both database schema and data in a single unified workflow. This provides an efficient and productive environment to work in, with improved awareness of application schema architecture and easy access to application data.

Support for offline work and schema synchronization, make DbSchema an excelent tool for team work as well as a great tool for converting and merging database schemas.

Here are some key features of "DbSchema":

Import database schemas:
Load JDBC driver
Connect to any JDBC compatible database. Several DBMS have already been tested, but more will be added later.
Currently tested DBMS include: Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2 for Windows/Linux, Cache, DaffodilDB, FrontBase, HSQLDB, Informix, JavaDB/Derby, Microsoft SQL Server, Mimer, Pervasive, PointBase, Sybase SQL Anywhere, Sybase ASE.
Schema import includes: tables, views, foreign keys, procedures, triggers, sequences and comments.

Edit database schema:
Uses an abstraction level between internal database schema representation and any particular database.
Edit tables, columns, indexes, foreign keys, procedures, triggers, sequences and comments.
Edit your schemas Graphically using Layouts, including: tables, views, foreign keys, etc...
Create and use multiple Layouts inside a project.
Drag, pan and zoom Layouts using simple mouse movements.
Supports Drag&Drop from project tree to graphical Layout.
Highlight Foreign Keys for a given table, which trigger on delete events.
Generate SQL statements directly from schema graphical Layout.
Generate schema scripts to any particular database.
Change schema data types from one database to another.
Edit schema offline support.

Browse database data:
Browse data from multiple tables simultaneously.
Set filters over browse data.
Order browse data on one or more columns.
Unlimited browse depth.
Paginates browse data.
Single or multiple record views.
Insert, update, and delete records.
View Large Objects (LOBs) fields as image, html, text or using an external application.
Saves browse sessions in project file, which can later be browsed again.

Edit and execute SQL:
Edit SQL statements.
Syntax highlight covering database keywords, functions, table and view names.
Auto completion of table, view and column names.
Quick Click&Show tables or columns in SQL pane and show them in Layout.
Execute SQL statements individually or as scripts.
Paginate and order SQL results, after query execution.
Keep multiple SQL result panes, and refresh query results.
Explain SQL execution plan.
Saves SQL scripts working sessions in project file, which can later be continued.

Schema Synchronization:
Synchronize project schema with another project or database.
List schema differences.
Select which differences to keep, either on local or remote schema.
Generate Merge SQL scripts based on schema differences.
Upload differences on to database, with automatic step by step execution.
Synchronize schemas offline, which enpowers team work.

Scripts and documentation:
Generates SQL schema creation scripts for any database.
Document tables, columns, foreign keys, indexes, etc... by adding Comments
Generates schema specification as an HTML document.
Print schema Layouts with precise control on actual print size, using Zoom print feature.
Generates schema Layout image files, in a few formats (PNG [raster] or SVG [vectorial])
Provides a Database Template System, which allows to create, edit and maintain database templates
Several Database Templates are already supplied, but new ones can be learned as well, by connecting to target database.


Java 1.6

DbSchema [ Free ] Visual Database Tool