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    Unanswered: Basketball Tournament.

    Note: I am a beginner with databases and i really need your help people. Thank you in advance.

    Reason why i am creating a database is to complete my project on VB.

    This project will be used by students which are the players in the player table and admin which is in staff table. Hence the username and password is added in attributes, for them to log in into the tournament.

    The issue i am facing today is: lack of attributes, dont know how to set E-R diagrams(main problem) nor foreign keys. And if you spot any other errors (e.g. in the tables or what so ever), please please tell.

    Tables and their attributes:

    Player Table (player ID, first name, surname,DOB, position, contact number,e-mail, username, password)

    Staff Table (staff ID , first name, surname, contact number,e-mail, username, password)

    Team Table (team ID, team name)

    Game Table (game ID, game date)

    Game Statistics Table (game statistics ID, points scored, field points, three points, free throws, personal fouls, blocks, steals, turovers, rebounds, minutes played)

    Sorry for my bad English language skills.

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    MY thinking would be

    what Player does the team play in so Playerid should be in the Team Table there that join

    what Games which teams playing so teamIDX2 should be in the game table there an other join
    also in the game table I would put the ScoresX2
    so you now who vs who and there Scores

    what Statistic Playerid in the Statistics table and and the other join

    so with a bit of joining You be able to look at the Stats and get the Team

    I would put the staffID in the Statistic then you now who did what

    a check could be sum of the Score in the Statistics table should = the Score in the Game table This would be a audit check only
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    hope this help

    See clear as mud

    StePhan McKillen
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    Personally, given that the Player table and the Staff table are almost carbon copies of each other, I would combine the Player/Staff tables into one table "Person". Then make DOB a non required field.

    I would then utilize a lookup table called something like "PersonType" that would list your various options (Player, Coach, Referee, etc) for future expansion and to give you added report options. You would then take the Primary Key of the PersonType field and put that in your Person table as a Foreign Key.

    However, if it's possible a player can also be a coach/non player you will need to add what's called a junction table to allow them to have more than one status.

    Just my thoughts before my am coffee,

    Sam, HTH

    P.S. Please make sure you go though your tables and remove any spaces from the field names, spaces are evil and make coding 3 times harder/uglier than it needs to be.
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    Thank you for your replies, i have been working with the database and ended up with this relationship, but not bonded...
    Imageshack - unledfss.jpg

    Any suggestions or what so ever please, do share.

    Oh and can somone please explain what would be the best relationship diagram... thanks.

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