So I figured out how to create a candlestick chart using SSRS:
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My next hurdle is to make it easier to create these charts. Right now I have data for Euro-USD and Gold-USD going back 1 year and I want to create charts for 1-min, 3-min, 5-min, 15-min, 60-min, 4-hr, 1-day intervals.

I created two charts for 1-day, one for Jan-2010 and the other Feb-2010 and I had to manually create the charts from scratch including all of my chart properties using the designer in BIDS.

Q1) I assume there is a way to create a template that I can reuse and just change my dataset and can create the same report with different parameters pretty easily?

Q2) Any advice for creating a form to take in the following parameters: security-ticker, start date, end date, chart-type? An existing SSRS sample is fine.

I have a book for 2005 SSRS that I will go through, hopefully the development techniques are pretty similar for 2008 R2.