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    Unanswered: Problem whit Creating db

    I got problem with creating a data base.
    Enviroment is win 2008

    So i start Server Instance Menager
    Create -> custum and:

    server number 0
    dynamic server name ol_ap4
    service name turbo
    port numer 9088
    dbspacename ol_ap4

    without mirror
    default sbspace name sbspace
    again wihtout mirror
    password ******** (like on system user)
    computer \\AP4

    now installer ask me
    Would u like to initialize it now?

    I press yes, and he thinking a lot... it take 2-3min

    Your IBM Informix dynamic server being initialized.... and after that monit i get:
    Unable to initialize the dynamic server. Check Evnet Viewer`s Security log and C:\full_path\ol_ap.log
    file for addidional information.
    The problem is in event log is:
    (i got other lang in my system so i will try to translate)

    a)The computer has attempted to verify the credentials of the account.

    b)An attempt was made to log on with explicit credentials.

    c)You have successfully logged into your account

    d)Assigned special powers to the new log.

    e)User have logged out of your account.

    Like I said, i dont get a .log file.

    What can I do to make this work?
    Rly i can`t find solution of this...

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    Problem with creating an instance

    In my experience this always fails when the server is part of a domain. I had this on a demo laptop so I removed it from the domain, created the instance then put it back on the domain.

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    This machine isent part of domain, i try few times to unistall all and install it again and the Resault is allways the same.

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